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Wheel Chair Lifts

All, regardless of configuration, come equipped with safety features.
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Inclined and Vertical Lifts Give Dependable Mobility from Floor to Floor

Even a small three-step staircase can be an insurmountable obstacle for wheelchairs and power chairs. At Nationwide Lifts we understand this problem and offer a great selection of high quality wheelchair and platform lifts for residential and commercial use. With our dependable and durable wheelchair list systems you make all the floors of your home or office accessible to everyone. Choose from one of the following:

Apex Green

This vertical platform wheelchair lift can support up to 750 lbs, has a non-skid platform surface and can be used indoors or outdoors. The screw drive lift system operates well in all environments, making the Apex Green ideal for outdoors.

Convenient & Durable

It can travel up to 14 feet and has enhanced safety features.

Apex Hydro

A durable and dependable lift system for residential or commercial settings, the Apex Hydro can move passengers up to 14 feet and has the capacity to support up to 750 lbs. The Hydro offers passengers a smooth and quiet ride.

Aesthetic & Functional

For operation, the Apex Hydro’s 36”x54” platform travels a maximum of 14 feet and does not require a machine room.

Apex Complete

This superior wheelchair lift system features an all-around enclosure that keeps it free from elements and debris. With a 750 lb capacity, travel capacity up to 14 feet and 3 stops, this platform lift system is perfect for homes and work places.

Technical Specs

The enclosure panels can be painted steel, clear acrylic or tinted acrylic.

Apex Elite

Sophisticated and sturdy, the Apex Elite is a great option for luxury hotels, fine homes and shopping centers. The durable metal frame comes with a choice of a stainless steel or brass finish.


The glass panels may be frameless or framed with stainless steel or brass making for an attractive addition to your home or lobby.

Delta IPL

When a curved staircase hinders guests and employees from reaching all the floors in your home or office, install a high quality Omega IPL lift system.


With a 550 lb weight capacity, smooth cable-drive system and the ability to travel up to 164 feet, this durable platform lift system can carry wheelchairs, power chairs and other mobility devices.

Omega IPL

This unit is intended for staircases with turns or mid-landings. It is also capable of parking the platform around a corner and out of the way. A cable-drive system propels this inclined wheelchair lift, equipped with a 550 pound-supporting 30-inch by 49-inch platform (other sizes available).


An asset for buildings requiring improved mobility, it travels up to 164 feet over multiple levels. This unit may be installed outdoors as well.